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NCLEX RN Practice Questions: Practice Makes Perfect


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In a recent study preformed by the US Department of Education, they found that students who learn in an online learning environment outperform their traditional classroom counterparts. We believe this has a lot to do with the individualized attention clients receive with the online format (they can’t just be quiet in the back row of a big classroom). They are constantly interacting new information while creating more neuroconnections that allow for easier memory recall.


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One of the most famous adages applied to life is “practice makes perfect”. While it might be true that this doesn’t work all the time, it is universally accepted that practicing at the very least enhances your chances of success. Practicing is applicable in all kinds of things: in work, in play, and in tests. This is why in just about every test that we take, we review. From entrance examinations to quizzes, we try and increase our chances of getting a passing (or even a perfect score) by reviewing. Reviewers such as NCLEX RN practice questions can greatly help your chances in being as prepared as possible for the incoming examinations.

NCLEX RN Tough Questions and answers, Coumadin, Chronic Renal Failure, Parkinsons

The National Council Licensure Examination, more popularly known as the NCLEX, is the licensure exam for nurses for the United States. In use by all 50 states of USA as well as territories such as Guam and the Virgin Islands, it is one of the toughest examinations that any aspiring professional can possibly take. However, despite its difficulty, thousands of nurses (and prospective nurses) are taking this test in order to be licensed for nursing services. There are 2 types of NCLEX, the NCLEX-RN, the examination taken by those who want to be registered nurses, and the NCLEX-PN, the examination taken by those who want to be registered practical nurses. Of course, it is the NCLEX-RN that is more prestigious, and also the more difficult.


As this is one of the most difficult professional grade examinations around, and given its importance for the careers of nurses, the NCLEX is one of the most prepared-for examinations in the land. Each prospective nurse has their own way in preparing for this test, and there are a lot of services and equipment that they can avail in order to be as prepared as possible for this exam. One of the best ways in which nursing licensure examinees can prepare for this exam is to actually simulate what can possibly happen with this exam. And the best way in which you can simulate the NCLEX is to take NCLEX RN practice questions.


The thing about the NCLEX is that they comprise a multitude of questions that covers a whole bunch of topics. One of the more confusing scenarios in examinations is when you don’t know what you are preparing for. This is where NCLEX RN practice questions kick in. They are a good way to orient you to the possible types of questions that could come out of the exam proper itself. Although it is not possible to have all the questions to be similar to that of the actual exam (except if the practice exams are well, leakage), it is in a way a preview of what is to come by exam time.


There are 2 ways in which you can divide the purpose and benefits of undertaking NCLEX  RN practice questions regardless if you are studying by your own or with other people (such as tutors and colleagues). The first way in which you can benefit from taking these sample tests is to have an idea of what is to come during the examinations. Some questions tend to be really complicated, so it would be very beneficial to actually have some way in which you can scout for ways to deal with such questions. The second way in which you can benefit from taking NCLEX practice questions is that you can use them to evaluate your readiness in taking the exam. First stop is that while answering the questions, you will know immediately which parts of the examination you have mastery of. Even better is that most of these compilations of NCLEX practice questions has a detailed answer sheet. The answer sheet of course would help you check if you got the answers right or wrong. But looking even deeper, it gives you a way in determining which parts of the examination you can still work on with. And since most of those answer sheets have in-depth explanations on how the answers came out that way, you are bound to garner information beyond the questions asked. So, it is a win-win situation for the nursing student as he/she prepares to get his/her nursing license.


So what are some examples of NCLEX practice questions? How do they look like and how are they usually answered? The types of exam questions usually cover these categories: Safe Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, and Physiological Integrity. Most of the questions are in multiple choice form. However, there are the so-called “New Format Questions”, in which multiple choice-type questions are not going to be used. Instead, these questions are in the form of sequential arranging, filling in the blanks, and identification, just to name a few examples. With that said, here are some examples of NCLEX RN practice questions.


1. A specific patient has been diagnosed with a transmittable disease such as tuberculosis. The nurse is tasked to equip the patient with IV fluids. What safety equipment does he/she have to wear before doing such procedure?

a. Gown, Mask, and Gloves

b. Surgical Cap, mask, Gloves, and Proper Footwear

c. Gown, Gloves, Mask, and Goggles

d. Mask, Goggles, and Sterile Gloves


2. A patient is diagnosed with Lyme disease. Which among these types of microorganisms cause this disease to occur?

a. Enterococcus faecalis

b. Bacillus anthracis

c. Streptococcus pyrogens

d. Borrelia burgdorferi



1. C. As this disease is extremely transmittable, it is important for the nurse to be properly covered when handling the patient.

2. D. The other bacteria are linked to other diseases, namely Endocarditis, Anthrax, and Rheumatic Fever.


Those are just two examples of NCLEX RN practice questions that you can potentially encounter while you are preparing for your examination. You may find it tough to answer these questions, but these would surely toughen you up for the difficult road ahead. Remember that you can use all the help that you can get in order to reach your dreams of becoming either a registered nurse or a vocational nurse. While practice makes perfect may not be 100% true, forms of practice like NCLEX practice questions are going to help you achieve your goals of being a licensed medical professional.

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